Legal Block

Record all the processes of the contract

This page is a beta service which is for developing and optimizing, block chain is not applied.

service of Legal Block

Offers services that all data that occurs during transactions and contracts (mail, Text, chat, image, video, etc.) and the original contract should be stored in a block chain and managed.

When a dispute arises, the dispute is resolved by the record, not the memory. Therefore, by using the services of the LEGAL Block, disputes can be prevented and more easily and quickly resolved.

The contract
is not just simply stored.

The possibilities of the LEGAL Block service are endless. For example, when the contract is about to expire, the contracting parties may be notified of the extension. You may notify the parties to the contract about the implementation of the contract and the contents of the contract at a specific time. In the event of a future legal dispute, all data recorded on the LEGAL Block and the modified contractual statements will be a good legal basis for resolving the dispute.

  • Before signing the contract, you can know the reliability of the other party.

  • Legal Block helps to write contracts easily.

  • Legal Block will store and manage contracts and related materials.

  • Legal Block will help the process of implementation and enforcement after contract.

For both individuals and corporations, every single day is a continuation of transactions and contracts. We engage in every moment trading and contract from small used goods transaction, money lending, contract outsourcing service to big service supply contract with important overseas company. The BLOCK-C service of LEGAL Block is a new concept of block chain service that prevents disputes and resolves disputes more easily and quickly by storing all data and contracts related to daily transactions and contracts,

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